[d]arc room @ London Design Week 2019

London, England September 23, 2019

At [d]arc room 2019, some of the best lighting companies exhibiting for London Design Week, showcased their latest luminaries paired with Bluetooth Mesh Technology provided by BubblyNet.

Here is what some of them have to say.

Roberto Tesolin, CEO B-Light at [d]arc room at London Design Fair 2019:

We decided to use Bluetooth Mesh in our booth here in London because it is an extremely simple technology.

As you can see, we dim all our lights, static color, Warm Dim, Tunable White and RGBW using drivers and bridges with Bluetooth Mesh embedded technology. It is very very simple. Also, here there are Bluetooth switches, sensors, and a very nice BubblyNet App on my Ipad. Everything works nicely, so good!

What I think is revolutionary is that at our booth we use control devices from several different manufacturers and because they are all Bluetooth Mesh Qualified, every device is in communication with every other device and is doing what it is supposed to do in a true open system.

We have been using, in the past, other digital and wireless controls and this is plain straightforward, this is the best ever.

Hamid Beheshti, CEO White Goods UK at [d]arc room at London Design Fair 2019:

I have to say I haven’t seen a control system as sophisticated as this. So much you can edit and assign different functions to different devices. Nowadays you can buy LED Rope, it comes with an app, you can sit there and control it; to me they are much more of a toy. This is a very professional device and I love it, this is great.

With Bluetooth Mesh, I wanted to have a little bit more of technical information on how this thing is actually working and discovering what’s behind it. It gives me, personally, a really warm feeling that I could use the new technology, and it’s guaranteed that no one can hack it, no one can enter into my personal details. That’s really really important to me, and I think if you’re running a business, you undoubtedly want that. Because you know that security is always at the forefront of everybody’s mind. And when a new technology comes in, the first thing that you… your mind just wanders off and says, ‘“Ah, is this going to be secure enough?” So, I’m very comfortable that the 128 bit encryption will take care of that.

Another thing, it is very important to me is that the broadcasting happens with 6 milliseconds connections between devices. So, a user doesn’t even notice. It’s just continuous connection. To me that’s amazing. The fact that it’s seamless, that all the devices talk to each other and I do not have to worry about “Will I have connectivity? Would I get no signal here?” or “Would this be too far?” — it’s a wonderful, wonderful invention.

Seamless usage and security — those were my two important issues and this system is definitely ticking all the boxes for me. 

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