A Day in the Life of a BubblyNet Developer

October 15, 2020

As a developer working at BubblyNet, I get to work on cutting-edge technology every day. One of the most important aspects of being a developer is doing extensive testing in the lab and in real-world scenarios. In my opinion, there was no better real-world experiment than installing BubblyNet in my own home. This gave me a perspective that most developers don’t get, which is watching family use your software and hardware in their everyday life. The beautiful thing about BubblyNet is the ability to finely tune your lights around your life, just as I have done.

BubblyNet starts assisting me with my week starting at 6:00 AM on Mondays. The lights in my bedroom and bathroom come on at 20% power and slowly transition to 80% power over the next hour. This simulates sunrise, even when the sun is not visible. At 7:15 AM, my kitchen lights blink twice, reminding me to feed my cats before leaving for work. Starting at 8:00 AM and going until 6:00 PM, the lights are activated by motion sensors. This ensures I don’t leave my lights on while I’m at work. In case I forget to turn off my lights while running errands, I can use the BubblyNet gateway to remotely turn them off.

Once I get home, I activate the “Cooking” scene using the BubblyNet Q-Series switch, which I have configured to control four scenes: Cooking, Dinner, Movie, and All Off. Throughout the rest of my evening, I switch between these scenes to match the lighting to the activity I am doing. If I need to work, a Tunable White light above my desk controls the intensity and color of the light, which enables me to further customize my lighting to the task at hand. Every room has its own Q-series switch, which allows anyone to adjust the lights to the level they find best. I frequently find my family members using the BubblyNet mobile app to adjust the lights without having to stand up and use a wall switch.

On the weekends, BubblyNet adapts to my schedule and lets me sleep in. The lights are set to daylight harvesting mode, which keeps my home at the same lighting level, no matter how much sun is coming through the window. As a developer, living with BubblyNet in my home has taught me a lot about how important it is to keep our system simple and easy to use, while still supporting many specialized features.

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