IoT: Will We Still Have Privacy?

August 6, 2020

In the last twenty years, companies have found huge success operating on a new business model: they gather and sell their users’ data. Facebook and Google both use this method. With the proliferation of Internet of Things devices, users’ privacy could come even further under fire. Each smart fridge, smart thermostat and smart light could be sending data to the manufacturer. This information could be sold to and used by advertisers to tailor offers. With so many devices in nearly every part of our lives, we are essentially under a perfect surveillance network.

This powerful network can have unexpected consequences as well. Imagine if, for example,
hackers were able to find out you hadn’t turned on the lights in three days and discern that you were out of town. They could burglarize your house. Your health insurance provider could use your smart kitchen to monitor what you eat and raise or lower your insurance rates accordingly. Your car insurance company could use the computers in your car to monitor your driving habits and adjust rates as well.

IoT may add convenience and functionality, but it will also lead to loss of privacy.

BubblyNet provides customer privacy protection with its building and lighting management systems. BubblyNet is a completely stand-alone network; this means no connection with your building system, WiFi, and other data systems unless specifically requested and authorized by you. As such, customers can rest assured that their data is not going anywhere and can’t be breached through WiFi and the internet.

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