Lightfair 2019

August 23, 2019

Lightfair 2019 played host to the highly successful launch of BubblyNet in the USA. Hundreds of professionals visited the BubblyNet booth to experience Bluetooth Mesh, the wireless standard in the lighting industry. Luminaires, sensors and switches from many different manufacturers, were all integrated and seamlessly interacting wirelessly with each other. The excitement was palpable; this level of wireless interoperability across brands has never been achieved before.

The wildly popular BubblyNet stand was kept busy from show day start to finish with interests ranging from a wide variety of industries.

Before the doors opened: Booth showing interactive scenes with an office setting (tunable white, daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors and touch-screen control), a hotel room setting (keycard switch, downlights, decorative lighting and blinds — all Bluetooth Mesh), and a restaurant setting (diverse lighting sources and a touch screen control geared toward hospitality).

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